What is B-Enabled?

B-Enabled is the name of a programme of work to improve our technology and ways of working.

The first stage of this work includes the replacement of our Oracle system, where our HR and finance processes are stored, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 in October this year.

Our Oracle system is nearly 20 years old, so it's time we said farewell and moved to a more powerful, and more importantly, user friendly system. Moving to Microsoft Dynamics, or Dynamics 365, will enable us to work more effectively and much smarter, meaning we can focus our efforts on our core priorities.

How will the change affect me?

Everything you currently do on Oracle or MyPlace will be done via Microsoft Dynamics (Dynamics 365). So checking, buying, booking leave and updating personal details will all be done on the new system. 

For those who claim back expenses through iExpenses, this will also now be done on the Dynamics 365 system.

Dynamics 365 will also replace Direct Input, so for managers who approve holidays, amend team details, action recruitment and approve expenses, this will all be done on the new system.

How will the change benefit me?

The move to the new system will provide:

  1. Customer focused - A more user-friendly system should make using the system easier, saving time and energy. 

  2. Continuously improving - As part of this change, we're looking at our HR and finance processes and will be making improvements to again, make things clearer and easier.

  3. One stop shop - Dynamics 365 is integrated with Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft products, so you'll have fewer systems to manage. 

How will I be supported through the change?

Regular updates and training will be provided to support you as we move to the new Dynamics 365 system. 

We also have a network of Change Champions who are there to support you before, during and after the change to help make the transition to the new system is as smooth as possible. 

We've even set up a special area, below, where you can access support materials that are relevant to you. 

And if you have any questions, you can visit the B-Enabled Workplace group where someone will be there to help. 

Your support materials