This is what we aim to achieve with The BU in the next few years.

By autumn 2020 we will have:

  • BU enrolments across minimum of 75% of paid colleagues by mid-year review (MYR)  (December 19/January 20)
  • at least 50 learning leaders established
  • project and secondments operations underway
  • b-Learning take-up increased significantly
  • our three-day learning commitment exceeded across all directorates
  • a dean appointed
  • The BU faculties established
  • heads of professions for four disciplines minimum established
  • a minimum of six external learning partnerships underway
  • established external ‘critical friends’ group as part of the faculty structure
  • a young people’s advisory group as part of the faculty structure
  • embedded the Towards Maturity and EOS poll survey into The BU
  • a system to record BU engagement with employees and volunteers
  • been informed by project work by the emerging leaders cohort 2 to shape development within the context of organisational priorities (September 2019 to April 2020)
  • an app that encourages problems and failures to be logged and shared: the greater the reflective learning, the higher valued the performance of the relevant team/individual will be
  • a curriculum for the autumn 2020 prospectus including clearly defined Barnardo’s capability gaps

By autumn 2022 we will:

  • have demonstrated by improving our knowledge management systems and processes, that it's OK to make mistakes - and not OK not to learn from them
  • show that learning opportunities have been applied throughout Barnardo’s on a basis aligned to our EDI values
  • show our commitment to our young people by establishing a support network of BU ‘graduates’
  • have at least ten formal external partnerships established between The BU and the academic, public and private sectors, with a wider BU external network of at least 50 organisations  

By autumn 2024 we will have:

  • a growing proportion of retained paid colleagues at all levels and across a wider range of roles throughout Barnardo’s
  • increased enrolment (by 20%) in The BU by unpaid colleagues and increased pathways into paid employment
  • significant growth in numbers of vulnerable and disadvantaged young people accessing learning pathways and qualifications
  • set the standard for future cohorts of The BU young people
  • demonstrated our influence and impact as the UK’s leading charity in transforming the lives of vulnerable children and young people