Barnardo’s has a wealth of knowledge and The BU sets out to make this more accessible and suited to how we develop as a learning organisation. One of the most accessible ways in which we can share our learning and connect with others is through The BU community Workplace groupHere's a handy guide to sharing knowledge and insights on Workplace.

Applying a robust evidence base to our work is a central part of this and we have the Barnardo’s Evidence Hub in our Research and Information section offering evidence summaries and literature reviews produced by Barnardo’s strategic impact team.

Our researchers review available evidence on a variety of topics and provide summaries that have clear relevance to your work. Evidence is presented in a range of formats including facts and statistics, reading lists and narrative summaries. We regularly share new research and learning events put together by other charities, universities and organisations that we are members of, such as Research in Practice. You can also request evidence to support your work and get access to journals to keep abreast of emerging research. Find out more in the Evidence hub in Workplace.

Corporate audit and inspection 

Our Corporate Audit and Inspection Unit (CAIU) is in a privileged position of access and coverage. They are in a unique position to provide insight and a perspective on how well the organisation is working. The BU will act as a central point of information providing access to regular summaries of the CAIU’s work and enabling wider sharing of knowledge and improvement across the organisation.

A development opportunity with CAIU 

The CAIU is offering development opportunities to work alongside the inspectors as a peer inspector. This is a really good chance to visit and learn from other services and better understand the inspection process. 

You'll need:

  • to be CSM/or above or an equivalent level role
  • to seek permission from your line manager as CAIU can't pay for travel, accommodation or expenses 
  • to commit to one week working away from your region or nation, and a day to read and prepare for inspection  
    For more information, contact Chris Kendall (Inspector CAIU) on 07738 262854.

People systems and EDI 

The BU also sets out our ambition to learn from our people systems, making The BU a key part of PDR and mid-year review processes, our recruitment and selection systems (particularly in relation to EDI), and our gathering and sharing of data that supports us doing better in all aspects of our work.

A new learning resource is under development. Called ‘unconscious bias in recruitment and selection’, it will stress the importance of equality in recruitment and selection and help identify how unconscious biases may have an effect on decision making during the different stages of recruitment.

Our organisational learning capacity will be a focal point of development throughout the next stages of The BU.

Organisation-wide learning initiatives are ongoing within Barnardo’s and you can find information on both the trauma-informed practice learning portal and mental health and wellbeing pages on Inside Barnardo's. 

Inside Barnardo's is where you'll find a number of helpful guides such as Barnardo's project toolkit.