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It’s for all employees who have completed their probationary period. The exception is if someone is accused of serious or gross misconduct during their probationary period, in which case, this procedure still applies.

The policy doesn’t apply to as-and-when workers, unless there are allegations about safeguarding.

Key points

  • No sanctions should be taken until the full facts have been established.
  • Employees should know the nature of the complaint against them and be given the chance to state their case.
  • Wherever possible, managers should try to resolve minor issues through informal discussion.
  • For any safeguarding allegation, an Allegation Against An Adult reporting form must be completed within 24 hours of the manager receiving the allegation.
  • Employees shouldn’t be dismissed for a first breach of discipline, except in cases of gross misconduct.
  • Employees have a right to appeal any disciplinary action taken against them.
  • Employees have the right to be accompanied at a formal disciplinary hearing. This is usually by a trade union representative or a Barnardo’s colleague.

Your responsibilities

  • Employees are responsible for maintaining expected standards of conduct.  They’re also expected to co-operate with this procedure so it can be completed as quickly as possible.
  • Line managers are responsible for managing the conduct of employees in accordance with this procedure, ensuring that employees are aware of the expected standards of conduct and are treated fairly and consistently.
  • UNISON’s role and that of other trade union representatives is to represent the views and interests of their members who are subject to this policy.
  • Local people teams are responsible for advising and supporting managers in the implementation of this policy and associated procedures.
  • The corporate people team is responsible for ensuring this policy and procedure complies with current statutory obligations.

For any disciplinary cases that should arise on or after 28 February 2022, then please use the documents named: “Effective from 28 February 2022”

For any disciplinary cases that preceded 28 February 2022, please continue to use the documents named: “Before 28 February 2022”

1 August 2018
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