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It’s for all employees and as-and-when workers.

Key points

  • This policy aims to make sure that employees have a way of raising concerns, problems or complaints and that these are dealt with fairly and objectively.
  • The policy has been developed in accordance with Acas and the Labour Relations Agency Code of Practice.
  • Grievances will usually, if appropriate, be dealt with informally. If a resolution is not possible, the formal process will begin.
  • Following the formal stage there is an appeal stage which must begin within 10 days of the previous stage ending.

Your responsibilities

  • Employees and workers are responsible for trying to resolve concerns informally at an early stage and using the grievance resolution procedure in good faith. Whether the subject of a complaint, the complainant or a witness, employees and workers are expected to co-operate in a professional and timely manner to reach a resolution.
  • Line managers are responsible for trying to resolve issues raised with them, impartially investigating concerns where necessary and ensuring that employees and workers raising grievances or who have grievances raised against them are treated fairly and respectfully and that complaints are dealt with in a reasonable timeframe under the correct procedure. Generic good practice guidance to assist managers in conducting an investigation is available from the local people team.
  • UNISON's role and that of other trade union representatives is to represent the views and interests of their members who request this throughout the process.
  • Local people teams are responsible for promoting resolution and supporting managers and employees and workers to understand and implement policies and procedures, and aim to ensure compliance with statutory obligations.
  • Corporate people team is responsible for ensuring this policy complies with current statutory obligations, and updating this policy and other associated documents accordingly.
31 January 2019
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