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This policy applies to:

  • all trustees, employees, contractors and volunteers in Barnardo’s
  • those accessing our services, including children, young people, carers and adoptive or foster parents/carers
  • Barnardo’s donors
  • other third parties interacting with representatives of Barnardo’s

Key points

At Barnardo’s we take whistleblowing very seriously and are committed to investigating any allegations raised. If you see or suspect any malpractice or wrongdoing, please speak up.

Speaking up could mean a conversation with your manager or approaching your manager's manager. You may also want to raise your concern with the People team. If you have tried one of these options, or feel that whistleblowing is the correct route, it may be appropriate to contact our independent whistleblowing service, Safecall.

What can the service be used for?

The Safecall service is primarily for concerns where the interests of others of the charity itself, are at risk, whether these are happening now, took place in the past, or are likely to happen in the future.

You should use Safecall’s independent whistleblowing service if you see or suspect:

  • Fraud
  • Security issues
  • Health and Safety
  • Data Breaches
  • Bribery
  • Corruption
  • Dishonesty (covering up of wrong-doing)
  • Bullying, Harassment or Discrimination (where you feel unable to approach your manager or main Barnardo’s contact about)
  • or any other issue that you feel is unacceptable in the workplace and are unable to approach your manager about.

If your concern is about working with another employee (or volunteer) you should consider using the Grievance Resolution Policy or other applicable policy instead of the Whistleblowing Policy in the first instance, which may be found here:

Employee Handbook

Grievance resolution policy

Prevention of harassment policy

How do I contact Safecall?

You can contact Safecall on 0800 915 1571 or online through the ‘Report a Whistleblowing Concern’. Your report won’t be traced and Safecall has trained operators to support you. 

The service is free, confidential and open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

After you have shared your concern

As outlined in our Whistleblowing Policy, the information you provide and agree that Safecall can share will be sent to nominated individuals in our Audit and Assurance team who will decide on the most appropriate course of action. 

All reported matters are reviewed diligently and in confidence (as far as possible) and, where appropriate, with feedback to the individual who has made a report.

At Barnardo’s, we want a culture where each of us is empowered and encouraged to act in line with our purpose and values. Please be assured that all concerns raised will be taken seriously and will be treated fairly.

For more information on whistleblowing and using Safecall please see the FAQ document. 

29 March 2019
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