It's important that you understand our risk control environment to ensure our reputation, assets, employees, volunteers, service users are protected from any aspect of financial crime or other related illegal activity. 

To find out how we protect ourselves, take a look through the policies below.

If in doubt as to whether an incident is a policy breach, report it!

You should report any issue or potential policy breach using the financial crime escalation process and form. Failure to comply with these policies and procedures could result in disciplinary action or prosecution. 

  • Anti-bribery & corruption policy

    What defines a bribe and how we comply with legislation. 

  • Anti-fraud policy

    Understand what fraud is and how we comply with legislation. 

  • Anti-money laundering policy

    What is money laundering and our expectations to be compliant with legislation. 

  • Anti-terrorism policy

    What is terrorism and how we comply with legislation. 

  • Conflicts of interest policy 

    What defines a conflict of interest and why they pose a risk to Barnardo's. 

  • Gifts and hospitality policy

    What is a gift and why their acceptance is a risk to Barnardo's.