The Foundation will do three things: 

  1. Invest Barnardo’s voluntary funds in innovative projects and support them to achieve their goals;​​​​
  2. Seek funding from others to support these projects; and,
  3. Support projects to produce evidence and learning about what works and why, and share this as widely as possible. 

Foundation funding will focus on corporate strategy priority areas: early support; family support services; mental health & wellbeing; child abuse and exploitation; and children in and leaving care.

Investment Principles
Any funding proposal to the Foundation will need to consider how they fit with a set of ‘investment principles’. These principles were developed in consultation with a range of Barnardo’s staff last year:

  • Co-production with children and young people; 
  • Working collaboratively with other organisations (statutory, voluntary sector and potentially corporate partners); 
  • Thinking about how the work might improve the systems that provide support to children and young people; 
  • Making sure programme ideas are shaped by available evidence and knowledge about ‘what works and will generate new evidence’; 
  • Considering how work might influence policies and practices at a local or national level.  

Race Equality Fund
As part of Barnardo’s commitment to becoming an anti-racist organisation, the Foundation has developed the ‘Race Equality Fund’. This scheme will invest in programmes aiming to reduce systemic racism and its effects. Proposals will need to demonstrate how they are working in partnership with community organisations with experience of systemic racism. 

How to apply for funding
Most of the Foundation’s funding will support projects undertaken by Children’s Services. To apply for funding there are a few simple stages for you to follow:

  • If you have an idea you’d like the Foundation to fund please have a look at the Foundation delivery plan and check whether your idea or project is a good fit with the Foundation’s investment principles. If you would like to apply to the Race Equality Fund, take a look at that delivery plan as well;
  • Get in touch with the Foundation Team at submissions@barnardos.org.uk and your Children’s Services Director, as well as Lynn Perry and Michelle Lee-Izu for their support. They will then advise you on whether your idea is suitable to be taken further; 
  • If it is suitable for progression the Foundation Team will advise you to submit an application (they will share the application form with you).

Meet the Research & Evaluation Team (RET)

The RET is a new team which will provide Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) support to the Foundation and to all the projects funded by the Foundation (among other things!). The team will support each project with its own project-specific MEL plan: commissioning and overseeing independent project evaluations as well as undertaking in-house project evaluations, and supporting the dissemination of evidence and learning internally (with the BU) and externally.

You can learn more about the RET by watching this video on the RET Workplace group.