Huddle is a cloud-based workspace: a system for sharing documents and information securely. It is for volunteers who need to do recording but who don't have access to our Service User Recording (SUR) system.

Note: It's important to use Huddle as described in the attached guides. This is to ensure that no confidential information is ever stored on the volunteer's computer. 

When to use Huddle

Our preferred solution for all recording is to give the person access to our Service User Recording system on Content Server. This means giving them an IT login and then access to SUR either from a Barnardo’s PC/laptop or via the extranet.

You should only consider Huddle if this is not possible.

The volunteer will need to have internet access on a home computer to use Huddle, and an email address to send details and receive links/updates.

Arranging Huddle access

If all three criteria above are met (the volunteer needs to do recording, can't be given SUR access, has internet access on a home computer), then you need to request a Huddle workspace via Firstpoint. You will need to supply the names of two people who will be designated workspace managers (WM).

Next steps

In each step you will find the name of the relevant user guides, which you can download at the bottom of this page.

Setup tasks

Step 1:  Workspace set up – Barnardo's Information Services (IS) will create the workspace and send invitations to the two designated WMs who will then be able to sign into Huddle from the login page.

Download the user guide: Accepting the invitation to Huddle

Step 2: Invite other employees – WMs have the option of inviting other employees to join the workspace. WMs can also remove people when they leave and transfer the WM permissions to another employee if needed.

Download the user guides: Inviting other employees to Huddle, Removing a user from Huddle, Transferring workplace management.

Step 3: Set up volunteer folders – WMs set up a folder for each volunteer who will use the system and send invitations to their email addresses. The volunteers sign up from their invitation.

Download the user guide: Setting up volunteer folders in Huddle.

Ongoing recording tasks

Volunteers' tasks – The volunteers use notes or templates to complete their recording. They then email a link to a service employee who is their contact.

You can download and add the following volunteer user guides to your Huddle workspace and/or email them to the volunteer: Registering with Huddle, Recording using notes, Recording using templates

WM tasks – The contact copies the recording into a text document in the relevant case file in SUR then deletes the note or template from Huddle.

Download the user guide: Transferring Huddle recording to SUR.