On this page you will find out more about our new online cloud invoice system, MiInvoices (pronounced My Invoices).

You will find out why we have upgraded, what to do before getting started, some how to videos and finally at the bottom of the page some training guides to download.

Why have we upgraded

  • QUICKER TO USE - It is a cloud based solution - so it is much quicker to use and accessible from a browser from any device.
  • LESS CHANCE OF ERRORS - Better Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve invoice scanning
  • WILL SAVE YOU TIME - Invoices can now be approved via email without the need to login to the platform.
  • PROVIDE BETTER REPORTING - You will now be able to access information on all your historically processed invoices

What to do before you get started

  1. CLEAR OUT OLD SYSTEM - We need your help to push through any invoices you have to code/approve in the old system as soon as possible.
  2. NEW INVOICES --> NEW SYSTEM - There is no change in the process for how invoices are sent to us. Any emails received from Monday 13th July will automatically be routed to the new system.
  3. XT REFERENCES STAY THE SAME - XT references and the email address to send PDF invoices to remains the same. Ensure all supplier invoices have XT references for the coder. Also, one invoice per PDF, suppliers can send multiple PDF's in one email
  4. OKTA REQUIRED FOR ACCESS - To access MiInvoices you will need to have an OKTA account, go to login.barnardos.org.uk for more information if you do not have an account.
  5. JUST WAIT FOR AN EMAIL ALERT - That's it, just wait for your first email to alert you to an invoice that requires you to code/approve. Ensure you still do your due diligence checks when signing off invoices to be paid.

How to Videos

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How to navigate the homepage

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How to code an invoice

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How to reject an invoice

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How to approve an invoice