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About Okta

With Okta, you only have to remember one password for a number of applications including  Citrix, Cisco AnyConnect, Gmail, G Drive, Google Meet, Google Calendar and Condeco. 

Other applications such as Salesforce and b-Learning will join Okta soon, but for now you will keep your individual passwords for these.

Okta has now replaced RSA SecureID. The IS team will no longer issue new RSA tokens. Existing tokens will continue to work until 30 April.  

Connecting with Okta for the first time

You will need to sign up for Okta before you attempt to connect to a private network using Cisco VPN. You can use a personal device such as a mobile/laptop to do this.  Please follow the below steps.

Signing up for Okta 

  1. Connect your computer to the internet using the Network icon in the bottom right of your screen.
  2. We recommend using Google's Chrome browser. It's on all our laptops and you can download it for personal computers and devices here.
  3. Open Chrome and add the Okta plug in by checking this link.  If it says Remove from Chrome, it's already installed and you don't need to do anything.
  4. Go to
  5. Enter your usual username and password (the username and password you use to sign in to your Wyse Terminal, Windows laptop and Outlook).
  6. Follow the account setup process in Okta. This includes choosing one of 3 ways to sign in securely each time you sign in.

    We recommend using the first option: installing the Okta Verify phone app. The app is available for Android phones and iPhones.

    If you have an older phone and cannot install Okta Verify, choose SMS instead. You'll be sent text messages to verify your identity.


If you use the Okta Verify app you will be prompted to use your phone to scan a barcode displayed on your computer screen. All the steps are explained in this video.

Tip: You will be invited to provide an email address which can be used for resetting your password. If you have a personal email on your smartphone, and have it with you when working, use the personal email address, because you won't be able to login and see your Barnardo's email. 

Getting online with Okta and a Barnardo's computer at home

Follow the guidance on the Accessing Barnardo's systems from home page if you are using a personal computer (not Barnardo’s).

Barnardo's uses Cisco AnyConnect VPN to login securely to our network when you work remotely.

If your laptop has Direct Access installed, simply use that to login to Cisco AnyConnect. For older computers without Direct Access installed, follow these steps:

1. Make sure you have signed up to Okta before you attempt to connect.

2. Connect your computer to your home network, using the Network icon in the bottom right notification area of your screen.

3. Click on the Cisco AnyConnect shortcut that we’ve installed on your desktop.

A screenshot of the Cisco_AnyConnect_shortcut

4. If this dropdown box says 'Barnardo's VPN', change it to 'Okta VPN'.

5. You will be prompted for your username and password. The username is firstname.lastname, the password is the one you normally use to get into the computer ​​​​​

6. If you have set up Okta Verify on your smartphone, the screen below will show up. Select number 2 - Okta Verify Push. Check Okta Verify on your smartphone - it will ask you to confirm that you are logging in to a computer. Your connection will be established.

7. If you have set up Okta using SMS or Voice authentication, the screen below will show up. Enter the code sent to your phone. Your connection will be established

Extra tips for BT One Mobile users

If you are a BT One Mobile user, follow these extra tips to get online at home:

1. As you login to your laptop, DO NOT choose BT One Mobile if you are invited to use it.

2. If you change your password with Okta or during a call with the Service Desk, press Control+Alt+Delete and enter your new password.

Changing phone number?

If you change your phone or your phone number, contact the Service Desk to reset your multifactor sign in for Okta. 

Resetting your Okta password

If you have forgotten your Okta password, you can reset it yourself. You do not need to contact the Service Desk.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Need help signing in? 
  3. Click on Forgot Password?
  4. You will see three options for resetting your password
  5. Reset via SMS
  6. Reset via Voice Call
  7. Reset via Email 

If you added your phone number (when you first signed in) you can reset your password in Okta using SMS or Voice Call. Click the Reset via SMS or Reset via Voice Call options and follow the prompts. If you did not add your phone number, you can reset your Okta password using email. Click on Reset via Email and follow the prompts.

Note: resetting your Okta password will automatically reset your password you use to sign in to your Windows computer or Chromebook and vice-versa.

Locked accounts

If you enter your password incorrectly more than 4 times your account gets locked. You will need to go back to to unlock your account.

You don't need to call the IT help desk. Using the password reset helps reduce call waiting times.

Even if you don't forget your password, you'll be prompted to change it every 90 days.

Changing your details in Okta

Sign in to Okta by going to, click your name at the top of the page, then click Settings, then click Edit profile and follow the prompts.

If you didn’t register your phone number when you first signed in, you can add it here. 

You can change other settings here, including the password itself.

Resetting your b-Learning password

Instructions for resetting your b-Learning password are available to download from Content Server.

Resetting your MyPlace or Oracle password

Download the guidance to update your myPlace or Oracle password.

Further help

If you have been completely locked out of your account and can’t access your device, contact the Service Desk.