We have a growing range of strategic partnerships throughout the UK. Together we work to reach more children and transform the ways in which services are delivered. We measure and assess impact within the organisation and wider sector, including, in line with the Public Services (Social Value) Act* the sustainable social benefits to communities.

We learn from partners’ expertise while sharing our own insights as we progress towards becoming the most digital, diverse and learning Barnardo’s possible.
The BU will help us use our learning around strategic partnering to design and deliver new and innovative products and models that respond to commissioners’ needs.  

We aspire to the following shared principles as the foundation of our partnerships:

•    collaboration
•    corporate social responsibility
•    transparency
•    ethical practices 
•    focus on individual and organisational  learning
•    openness and readiness to learn
•    sharing learning for the greater good
•    taking a collective impact approach where there is shared understanding of our common goal to support personal and professional development of all our people and shared benefits and outcomes   

The partnerships are access routes to learning opportunities for individuals (employees, volunteers, and young people) and a source of pooling knowledge for impact on the organisation. 

Academic and corporate partnerships

We're building on the strengths of existing academic and corporate partnerships across Barnardo's.
Partnerships are emerging with Rolls Royce Academy, Timpson, The Open University, the University of Salford and others.

Partnership with University of Salford Triangles pilot: launching in late 2019

The University of Salford is partnering with us to run a ‘university life taster’ programme. Working with a dedicated student inclusion and diversity team, this will be part of Barnardo's Triangles Cohort 2 Programme and will involve ongoing support to offer 16 care-experienced young people the opportunity to get a feel for university life over a short residential period, involving campus tours, taster lecture sessions, an introduction to mentoring, with a view to raising aspirations and access to university post-Triangles. 

*and related arrangements with devolved nations.