We have to be very careful when assessing the suitability of people who work for us, to ensure we don't put our service users at risk. We must also make sure we are fair to applicants. 

There are three risk assessment forms available to download at the bottom of this page for recruiting/current line managers or volunteer supervisors to use.

Risk assessment for considering criminal record and related disclosures

Use this form to make recruitment decisions regarding convictions, criminal records or other disclosures that raise potential safeguarding risks.

Pre disclosure risk assessment form

Use this form in exceptional circumstances, if you need to assess whether a new starter can join Barnardo's before their criminal records disclosure has been returned. You can only use this as an interim arrangement and only for certain roles and designated services. You must review the form on a regular basis (a maximum of two-week intervals) to ensure we continue to chase for the return of the outstanding disclosure.

Retail risk assessment - pending the receipt of a disclosure check

The retail version of the pre disclosure risk assessment form.