All Barnardo’s volunteers are automatically members of the volunteer forum, which exists to:

  • raise the views of volunteers
  • provide feedback on issues 
  • help improve volunteering and volunteer management at Barnardo’s

It also gives people the chance to meet other volunteers, the volunteering and community engagement team, and other Barnardo’s colleagues. 

Volunteer forum meetings

smiling volunteer

We hold regional and national engagement meetings to engage with volunteers from across all our regional areas and functions (retail, children’s services and fundraising).

These meetings are the perfect opportunity to have your voice heard.

There are two ways you can get involved in volunteer forum meetings:

  • face-to-face national meetings take place three times per year across the UK (travel expenses are paid)
  • regional meetings take place locally (or you can join via phone/video; you can also share your views by emailing your volunteering adviser)

Volunteer forum achievements

The volunteer forum has fed many thoughts and ideas into Barnardo’s through discussions with heads of department.

It’s been involved with the new reward and recognition scheme for volunteers. It has also lobbied hard for improved communication with volunteers. This led to a new e-news for volunteers as well as an open intranet. 

How to join

Speak to your volunteer coordinator or volunteering adviser, who will provide you with the next meeting dates, or you can contact the central volunteering team using the details below.


Call: 020 498 7320

You’ll need to tell us your name, where you volunteer, and a bit about why you want to join the forum.

Online forum

The volunteer forum also has a closed group on Workplace, where you can join discussions and exchange ideas at any time and location.

Volunteer managers

Download the information sheet and flyer below to encourage your volunteers to join the forum.