Learning starts with YOU. With busy jobs, busy lives and competing priorities, it can be easy to overlook your own development and growth. It's also about responding to and preparing for change, and for future roles. 

More to the point: you're skilled and passionate, and Barnardo's wants to keep you!

Personal development is the opposite of an education system where someone is teaching you a subject that you may or may not be interested in. It can also include informal learning.

​​​​​A principle of The BU is self-determination, with each individual deciding what, when and how they learn – with or without the help of others.

Personal development can include:

  • reflecting on and planning what you would like to, or need to, learn
  • chatting to colleagues about learning, including in team meetings
  • talking to your manager
  • asking others to share what they know – and share what you know with them
  • asking to be involved in things that interest you
  • accessing the range of opportunities currently available through Inside Barnardo’s or through your directorate/ADP 

Opportunities and resources include:

Learning is about developing and growing in many ways, including gaining new understanding, ideas, knowledge and perspectives, learning new skills, increasing your confidence and being the very best you can be in your role - wherever you are in the organisation - and in delivering our mission for better futures for children. Start by taking a look at what's available through Barnardo's Training and Consultancy.