We take our responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of our employees seriously, and aim to achieve equitable and fair treatment for all. Our sickness absence policy sets out our approach to managing sickness absence. 

There are different processes for managing sickness absence depending on the length of the absence. The majority of managers and employees will be able to record sickness absence and return to work using the guidance at the bottom of this page via myPlace.  

There are a few employees who are unable to access MyPlace, so the return to work process for these staff should be captured via the paper-based return to work form .

What's the right process?

There’s a flowchart showing how to handle short-term absence (less than 4 weeks), as well as a

flowchart on how to handle long-term absence  (more than 4 weeks).

The short term absence informal review is for managers to use when their employee has hit a 'trigger' for short-term absence. 

What happens when someone returns to work?

Ordinarily, employees and managers should complete the online Return to Work form in myPlace.

If an employee doesn’t have an IS login, they should complete Part A of the S12 Self/GP certification and return to work form .

Line managers should complete Part B and then pass the form to their people team.

What sick pay am I entitled to?

Our Sickness Absence Payment Schemes ​​​​​​explains what type of sick pay is available and who is eligible.