Most Barnardo's offices and services have free guest WiFi.

To connect to the guest WiFi:

  1. Go to settings and select guest.
  2. If the login page doesn't open immediately, then open an internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and go to a page that doesn't require you to sign in or provide confidential details (e.g. You should be prompted to sign in before being taken to your page.
  3. Sign in with the username: guest and the current password
  4. Accept the terms and conditions.


You'll find the current password on Workplace. The password changes every quarter. You will receive a Workplace notification when the password changes. 

How to get guest WiFi at your office or service

To get guest WiFi installed at your service, go to FirstPoint / My IT Store / Device Not Listed. Include a contact number for your administrator or children's service manager (CSM) so that we can contact them to ask some technical details. 


Download and read the guidance at the bottom of this page for managers if beneficiaries or young people are going to use guest WiFi.

Further guidance on e-safety is available on the NSPCC or CEOP websites.


There is a 'free WiFi' poster attached that you can print and display in public areas. The password is blank so you can laminate it and write in the password each quarter.

Slow network

The guest WiFi and Barn Corp run off the same broadband line. So if your network is slow, especially if you are based in a remote area, check if guests or service users are downloading or streaming TV shows, films or games.