This SSI form can be used by all areas of our organisation. Your safeguarding lead will be able to advise you if this is most appropriate form for you to use. It must be completed if there has been:

  • an unexpected or avoidable death of child, young person or adult at risk in receipt of services from Barnardo’s
  • serious harm to child/young person /adult at risk, where a life-threatening outcome required intervention by Barnardo’s staff
  • any actions of a service- user which caused death or serious injury to another child or adult
  • a ‘near miss’ where an unplanned event or incident did not result in serious injury, harm or illness, – but had the potential to do so and only a fortunate/timely break in the chain of events prevented a serious outcome for the child/vulnerable adult
  • an incident likely to result in adverse media attention and/or potential damage to Barnardo’s reputation
  • an incident that is serious enough that it may lead to a Serious Case Review, Significant Case Review, Case Management Review, Child Practice Review, and/or any case which indicates organised crime or large scale abuse
  • an incident likely to raise concern about Barnardo’s policies or procedures
  • an incident which raises concern about possible radicalisation of any member of staff/volunteer/adult/child/vulnerable adult 
  • any case where a registered provider (residential or early years) is required to close by an external body following safeguarding concerns