Applying to be an authorised driver

In order for you to use a Barnardo’s fleet vehicle or request a hire car, you must first register to become an authorised driver.

Download and complete the authorised driver approval form (at the bottom of this page) and email it to the Corporate Transport Team.

Read the form carefully and make sure that you attach the correct supporting documents.

Requesting a vehicle

To request a vehicle, email the Corporate Transport Team with your requirements. Include the exact times you need the hire vehicle, remembering that the hire periods are based on 24-hour periods.

You should also use the mileage cost comparison tool (at the bottom of this page) to see if your trip would be more economical if you used your own vehicle and claimed private mileage.

Find out how to register your own vehicle

Further information

You will need to attach a licence summary to you approval form. You can get a summary from the DVLA website.

If you are in Northern Ireland you will need to provide your paper counterpart instead. 

Contact information