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Key points

  • This policy applies when an employee undertakes the duties and responsibilities of a higher-graded post for a continuous period of at least 4 weeks.
  • Acting up is appropriate in situations where short-term cover of a more senior post is required, e.g. sickness absence, maternity/adoption leave, pending recruitment of a replacement.
  • Acting-up arrangements should normally be for a minimum period of 4 weeks to 3 months and should never be longer than 6 months without conducting a full review and obtaining further approval from the grandparent line manager.
  • A fair and transparent process will be applied to selection decisions for acting up.
  • Managers should ensure they have objective evidence to support their selection decision.
  • Where an acting-up post is subsequently established as permanent, the job will be advertised in line with the prevailing recruitment policy.

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31 January 2019
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31 January 2019
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