Is this for you?

It’s for all new employees, including those on fixed-term contracts. It’s also for existing employees who move to a new role. It doesn’t apply to as-and-when workers, agency workers, self-employed contractors or volunteers. 

Line managers also need to be familiar with the policy.

Key points

  • If you’re in a probation or transition period (PP or TP), your suitability for the job will be formally assessed 13 weeks and 26 weeks into your new role.
  • Both employees and managers should use the probationary and transition periods performance agreement form for this assessment.
  • Your local people team or your line manager will write to you to confirm when your PP or TP has been successfully completed. 
  • All new employees must complete their mandatory core required training before they can be confirmed in post.
  • Managers can use this policy to deal with concerns about an employee’s suitability for a role, including extending the probationary period or ending the contract.  
  • Managers with concerns about an existing employee during the transition period must use the relevant Barnardo's procedure (for example: managing unsatisfactory performance, disciplinary, sickness absence).

Your responsibilities

  • Employees are responsible for following the processes set out in this policy.
  • Managers are responsible for managing the probationary and transition periods of employees who report to them.
  • Local people teams are responsible for supporting managers and employees to understand and implement the policy.
1 August 2018
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