In this section you can access all our policies on the various types of leave we support. Find out more about annual leave, including how to work out your bank holiday entitlement if you're part-time. We also support new parents whether you or your partner are giving birth, adopting or fostering. And of course, if you're not well you'll need to take time off - that's covered in our sickness absence policy. 

Leave for all employees

  • Annual leave and bank holidays

    Everyone is entitled to time off, find out how many days you can take

  • Bank holidays for part-time employees

    A calculator to work out your pro-rata entitlement

  • Additional leave

    If you need to take time off for bereavement, caring or another reason you may be able to take additional leave

Leave for parents

  • Maternity leave

    What you're entitled to before, during and at the end of maternity leave.

  • Adoption leave

    What support is available when you decide to adopt a child.

  • Fostering leave

    What time you can take off when you start to foster.