Is this for you?

It’s for employees who are responsible for recruiting.

Key points

  • This policy covers promoting equality and diversity, advertising, pre-employment checking, selection, record keeping and data protection. 
  • It complies with all relevant employment and related legislation for the UK.

Your responsibilities

  • Line managers/recruiting managers are responsible for the efficient handling of recruitment activity, selecting suitable candidates for vacancies and for verifying that all pre-employment checks have been carried out and are satisfactory. They are responsible for upholding the commitments and key standards set out in this policy statement. 
  • Recruitment centre and local people teams are responsible for handling the administration of recruitment processes efficiently within the legal and regulatory framework and for working with recruiting managers to ensure that Barnardo’s commitments and key standards for this activity are upheld.
  • The role of recruiter is undertaken by the recruitment centre for roles in strategy and performance, finance and resources, income and innovation, and children’s services England; and currently by the local people teams for the roles based in the children’s services Celtic nations.

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31 January 2019
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11 February 2019
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